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Summer Competition 2011

from April until October 2011 we raflle a VICTORINOX pocket multitool and a MAMMUT subway organizer – go for it!

The unique “Traveller Lite”combines 27 mechanical
and electronic functions from existing multitools with the very latest technology.

The pocket tools Traveller Lite are sponsored by VICTORINOX, the world leader in pocket tools. You’ll find VICTORINOX knives in all good souvenir shops and special Swiss Army Knife shops (or ask at your hostel).

Mammut subway organizer
This handy organizer in the fresh “urban climbing” design provides everything needed for bouldering within easy reach.

The Mammut subway organizer are sponsored by MAMMUT, the most famous name for Swiss quality clothing, ropes, harnesses, backpacks and sleeping bags. You’ll find MAMMUT products in all good sports shops.

What do you have to do?

Just answer the questions below and send your answer with form below to us.

or by postcard to: Swiss Backpacker News, Am Bach 7, 5502 Hunzenschwil – Switzerland. Don’t forget to write down your name and your correct postal address!


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The Winners

August 11

Minoru Arisawa, Tokyo, Japan (Victorinox multitool & Mammut organizer)

July 11

Jessica Alexander, Burnside Heights, Australia (Victorinox multitool & Mammut organizer)

June 11

Sam Stone, Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland (Victorinox multitool & Mammut organizer)

May 11

Bart Desmet, Gent, Belgium (Victorinox multitool & Mammut organizer)

Apr 11

Oleksandr Bulayenko, Lund, Sweden (Victorinox multitool & Mammut organizer)

Mar 11

Marianne Pretorius, Pretoria, South Africa (Victorinox multitool & Mammut shoulder bag)

Feb 11

Muguel Montano, Uster, Switzerland (Victorinox multitool & Mammut shoulder bag)

Jan 11

Ian James Lawley, Tarlee, Australia (Victorinox multitool & Mammut shoulder bag)

Dec 10

Roy Marriott, Somerset, UK (Victorinox multitool & Mammut shoulder bag)