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The old streets east of Grand Place and the lakeside promenade are worth exploring. Vevey also has a 15th century church (St.Martin’s, up the hill behind the station) and several museums:

Swiss camera Museum, Ruelle des Anciens-Fossés 6. This museum shows you the history of photography, from the camera obscura to numerical images. The history of photography, its inventors and its techniques, is recounted by an amazing collection of cameras, dating from the very invention of photography to the present day, and enhanced with audio-visual and interactive presentations. Open daily except Monday 11am – 5.30pm. Admission CHF8.-, students CHF6.-.

The Alimentarium at Quai Perdonnet is a museum of food. Internationally renowned, it takes a scientific and ethnological look at the food of the past and the present. Open daily except Monday 10am-6pm. Admission CHF10.-, students CHF8.-.

Old Vevey Historical Museum, Rue du Château 2. This museum (founded in 1897) is housed in a beautiful 16th century building dating from the Bernese occupation. Its collections of objects, paintings and documents bring the region's past back to life. Open daily except Monday 10.30am-noon, 2pm-5.30pm. Admission CHF 5.-, students CHF 4.-.

The Swiss Museum of Games (Musée Suisse du Jeu), Rue du Château 11, La Tour-de Peilz. The colourful port village of La Tour-de Peilz is situated between the lake and the old town, just about 1 km east of Vevey and dominated by its white château. In this romantic setting, the Swiss Museum of Games invites you to actively discover games from around the world and throughout the ages. Have fun! Open daily except Monday, from 11am – 5.30pm. Admission CHF6.-, students CHF3.-

Sir Charles Chaplin, The immortal screen comedian, spent the last 25 years of his life at the Manoir de Ban above Vevey. Chaplin, his wife and children, moved to Vevey in 1953. The whole family quickly settled in to their adopted town and became part of the local life. Sir Charles and his wife Lady Oona are buried in the Corsier s/Vevey cemetery. His memorial statue can be seen on the Vevey lakeshore.

Montreux-Vevey has always been a favorite place for artists – not only Charlie Chaplin, but also Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Le Corbusier, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Henri Nestlé, Barbara Hendricks, Victor Hugo, Dostoïevski etc… Follow their trail through the vineyards or along the lakeside and discover a part of their lives (at Riviera Lodge you get free flyers with maps and stories about these artists!).

Vevey is also the home of the world’s first milk chocolate. In 1819 François-Louis Cailler in association with Daniel Peter and Charles A. Kohler were able to combine chocolate with condensed milk. It became a world-wide sensation as they produced the first ever milk chocolate bar. Today in Vevey, artisan chocolate-makers continue this tradition. Among them is Blaise Poyet, who invites you to discover his passion for chocolate. Riviera Lodge organises guided visits and tasting in Blaise Poyet’s chocolate palace, followed by a chocolate fondue with wine tasting (costs incl. 2 nights in a double room with breakfast buffet CHF 149.- or CHF 125.- if you stay in a dorm). “I can resist everything except temptation,” Oscar Wilde said once...

Vevey is the capital of the Lavaux winegrowing region. Discover the unique terraced vineyards and its typical villages. Easy to reach with the wine train or funicular. Wine tasting in the “caveau” (wine cellar) of Riviera Lodge has begun to spread its reputation. Or visit one of the many wine cellars and taste one or two of their specialties.

Tip Taste a unique chocolate fondue at the Riviera Lodge, Vevey. An original recipe with melted chocolate and fresh fruit to dip in. You’ll die for this Swiss speciality!...
(fondue 250g with fresh fruits CHF 13.- per person, minimum 2 people).

Chillon Castle at Montreux - one of Switzerland's most beautiful sites. This extraordinary fort was built on a rock set in a lovely scenic location on the shore of the lake. Chillon is an exceptional combination of castle and fortress. There are magnificient collections of antique furniture, pewter and weapons. The towers and ramparts offer a wonderful view over lake and mountains. Cruise on Lake Geneva on a steam boat and discover the Chillon Castle you’ve perhaps seen on pictures many times, but never in reality. The castle, called “Château de Chillon”, was made legend by the poem “The Prisoner of Chillon”, written by Lord Byron in 1816. Open daily 9am-6pm (Apr-Sep), 9.30am-5pm (Oct). Admission CHF10.-, students CHF 8.-

Audiorama Museum is situated between Montreux and Chillon Castle at Av. de Chillon 74. The museum's exhibits are organised around several different themes. Relive the most memorable moments of radio and TV history through the archives of Radio Suisse Romande, photos, slide shows and the Internet. Open daily except Monday 1pm-6pm. Admission CHF10.-

Visinand House, situated in the old town of Montreux (Rue du Pont 32) is the oldest building of the area! It is the home of the cultural centre, which includes three exhibition rooms, as well as an attic where classes, conferences, shows and activities are held. The fine arts, photography and applied arts, provide some themes for the numerous temporary exhibitions. Free entrance.

Freddie Mercury et le Groupe Queen loved their frequent stays in the peace and scenic splendour of the Vaud Riviera, where they composed, produced and recorded some of the biggest hits in their repertoire. A visit to the Montreux recording studios is recommended. A stroll along the shores of Lake Geneva will bring you to Freddie Mercury's statue.

Tip !
Montreux-Vevey has always been a favorite place for artists - Charlie Chaplin, Le Corbusier, Clara Haskil, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Henri Nestlé, Barbara Hendricks, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Victor Hugo, Dostoïevski etc… Follow their trail through the vineyards or along the lakeside and discover a part of their lives (at Riviera Lodge you get free flyers with maps and stories about these artists!).