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The car-free holiday resort of Braunwald offers hiking, biking, climbing, horse-riding, paragliding and a few special highlights.

Biking is especially popular in Braunwald (bike rental is possible). You’ll find well-marked bike routes and at the tourist office you can buy a biker’s map. Or how about a trottinett-ride? Trottinetts (scooter) can be rented at the gondola station Grotzenbüel.

The climbing installation is a major highlight. The limestone cliffs of the silver-gray Eggstock Mountains towering high above Braunwald have long been a well-kept secret among mountain climbers. And because climbing in full view of the snow-capped Glarner Mountains is a wonderful experience, even beginners can enjoy these routes and conquer the Eggstock Mountains. The climbing installations may only be used if you wear a climber's harness and a helmet (these can be rented).

The alpine route connecting Braunwald to the deep blue Lake Oberblegi and down to Schwanden leads hikers through the weird rock formations of the moranes of the Glaernisch Range. Rushing mountain streams and beautiful alpine flowers round off the picture. Walking time is about 4 h 45 min (altitude difference 280 m ascent and 910 m descent, condition intermediate to difficult), season from June to October, starting point is Braunwald; from Schwanden return by train to Linthal/Braunwald.

Another great hike is the roundtrip from Braunwald to the Chnügrat. On the way you’ll spy the grandiose scenery of the Glarner Alps. The glacier-covered Tödi mountain range, considered the local landmark, is especially impressive. Walking time is about 4 h 45 min (altitude difference 680 m ascent/descent, condition intermediate to difficult), season from June to October, starting point and destination is Braunwald.

Or how about the panorama hike? Starts and ends at Grotzenbüel (1,559 m), season from June to October, walking time is about 3 hours. An easy hike with spectacular panoramic views. With some nice mountain restaurants on the way and, if you are lucky, you can even see marmots.

Fishing is possible at the beautiful deep blue Oberblegi lake high above Braunwald. A permit costs CHF 30.- per day, CHF 110.- per week.

Or are you a passionate chess player? At Hotel Bellevue you’ll find open-air chess.

Car-free does not mean party-free. The Adrenalin Backpackers is not only a hostel, a restaurant and a bar, but also a party place where you’re sure to get in contact with locals.

And if it rains? No worries, the Adrenalin Backpackers offers video games, pool, darts, tabletop football and Internet. Or have you ever played air-hockey? Try it at the Adrenalin Backpackers, it’s good fun.
And the friendly people from the tourist office will also help you with ideas and information.